St. Paul A.M.E. Church

 St. Paul A.M.E. Church (Before)

In the year of 1830, a small group of worshippers banded together to worship God, thus forming the St Paul Church. Being inspired by the leadership and preaching of Bishop Richard Allen, this congregation was received into the Philadelphia Conference in 1831 under the name of
Bethel AME Church.
After 55 years of worship in various homes, the congregation grew and the need for a sanctuary was pressing. The Trustees of the church negotiated and purchased the property where the church now stands, 103 Mispillion Street for the sum of $300.00. Construction was begun and the church was completed and dedicated in 1895.
In 1919, as the congregation continued to grow, the Trustees recognized the need for a parsonage. They negotiated with the owners of the property next to the church and a new parsonage was built improvements continued to be made to the church buildings under the leadership of Rev. Wilbur Brown. During the pastorate of Rev. Benjamin Rogers, the stained glass windows were put in the church, the choir box built hardwood floors installed and the cornerstone laid.
In 1922, additional land was purchased and the church was rebuilt. The Trustees of the church during this time are recorded as: Bro. Charles Johnson, Bro. Charlie Scott, Charlie Sorden, Louder Benson, Alexander Benson, Samuel Hicks, and: Howard Masten.
 In 1970, new pews were purchased under Rev. Benjamin Washington. In 1972, during the pastorate of Rev. C. M. Huff, the pulpit and altar furniture was purchased. A new roof was also put on the parsonage and the church hall renovated. In 1979, under Rev. J. Stanley Justice, a new roof was put on the church.
The Rev. Joseph Brame was sent to us in 1980. In 1981 new paneling was installed in the church, new carpeting done and the church air conditioned. Rev. Brame came with a vision of the now completed work and drew up the plans. The plans were blueprinted by a draftsman, Mr. Charles Jackson, JR. In 1990, under the pastorate of Rev. Joseph Brame, the old parsonage was
sold and a new one was erected on the present side.
St. Paul has been a great force in Delaware. In 1959, Rev. Ellsworth Coleman was sent to pastor. In 1960, Rev. Leah Coleman, a local minister in our society and a member of St. Paul since 1918, was loaned to the Delaware Conference to pastor at Prospect AME Church, Georgetown,
Delaware. In 1972, the late Rev. Ernest Hicks, also a local minister of our society, was loaned to the Delaware Conference to pastor at Burton's Chapel AME Church, Milton Delaware.
On July 13, 1993, the church was severely damaged by fire and the faithful members could not extinguish it. With the prayers and support from the community of Harrington, the churches of the Delaware Conference and First District, friends and well wishers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and other areas; we were able to pull together our resources to rebuild and
restore the church.
We are proud of the rich history of St. Paul A.M.E. Church, having served the community of Harrington for 184 years. Our church was incorporated in 1986. 

St. Paul A.M.E. Church (Now)
Compiled by Rev. Joseph Brame
Former Pastor, St. Paul AME Church
Harrington, Delaware



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